Navigating the Commercial Leasing Process

Commercial Leasing Guide

The commercial leasing process can be confusing. So developing a basic understanding of some critical concepts can help you feel confident along your journey. In this blog, Samantha Ashly, a CRE broker, marketer (and previous Broker Spotlight), breaks down the need-to-know essentials of the leasing process in this helpful resource.

Merchant Growth: Shah Brothers

Background A Business Looking to Take the Next Step Shah Brothers grocery store believes food connects people with memories and culture, particularly when living in another country. Based out of Prince George, British Columbia, they sell a wide array of specialty Indian/Sub-continental goods and beauty products, providing a taste of home and familiarity for the […]

Merchant Growth: Funding for Scaling a Business

Contrary to popular belief, the most challenging time for entrepreneurs is not during the initial stages of starting a business but rather when scaling for growth. A startup can often recover from initial mistakes, and the hard work of a dedicated few can make up for certain deficiencies. Once growth begins to accelerate, entrepreneurs are […]