Quality Auto Repair and Long Lasting Relationships

Master Mechanic is a Canadian-controlled private corporation, established in 1982 as a franchisor in the after-market automotive repair and maintenance business. With 39 franchise locations throughout Southern Ontario, the firm has a strong reputation for high-quality auto repair and regular vehicle maintenance. Master Mechanic is dedicated to their mission:

“Master Mechanic strives to be the only auto repair and maintenance choice for each of their clients due to long-term relationships, which have been earned through consistent delivery of outstanding service and quality in an environment which promotes trust, fairness and respect.”

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A Slow Time for Small Businesses

Master Mechanic (Grimsby) applied for financing to help their business during difficult times to keep up with their bills, rent and other unexpected costs. Like so many other businesses in Canada, Master Mechanic have had to deal with a slowdown in their business during the pandemic, which has made it challenging to have consistent business and cash flow. Master Mechanic needed a solution to bridge their cash flow in order to make their payments and keep their business growing and that’s where Merchant Growth comes in.


“Merchant Growth allowed our business to stay afloat during a time where traditional banks turned their heads away from businesses like ours”

Carlo Chiappetta, Owner – Master Mechanic (Grimsby)



Fast Financing Options from Merchant Growth

Traditional sources of financing didn’t work for Master Mechanic (Grimsby), so they applied to Merchant Growth and were immediately connected with one of our Loan Advisors to review their business and its needs for financing. Merchant Growth was then able to go into a deeper dive into their business and within 24hrs was able to give Master Mechanic an offer that allowed them to get the cash that they needed.


Cash flow to Bridge the Gap

Master Mechanic was able to get the financing their business needed to stay afloat.

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