Heart disease and stroke are a leading cause of death in Canada, yet many are still unaware of the risk to their health. Canadians are losing family and friends to diseases that could have been prevented. 

We’re matching all donations we help raise up to $10,000!

Why we’re supporting the Heart & Stroke Foundation
Spacelist’s CEO, Steven Jaffe, has a close connection to the Heart & Stroke Foundation (HSF). He and his wife, Jenna, suffer from congenital heart disease. Steven and Jenna both have bicuspid aortic valves. Jenna also suffers from mitral stenosis and has had multiple open heart surgeries replacing and repairing her mitral valve.

After moving to Vancouver in 2016, Steven met the chair of the advisory board of the BC HSF and was asked if he would be interested in joining. In 2017, Steven joined the BC HCF’s Advisory board, alongside an impressive and inspiration group of influential individuals.

Steven’s hope is to help raise awareness and funding to contribute to technological advances that lead to earlier detection of heart disease in children and young adults.

This is particularly important to Steven and Jenna as they welcomed their first child, Noah, into the world this year. Being higher risk for heart disease, Noah is already having precautions taken by getting extra care taken to ensure any abnormalities are caught early.

As part of this initiative, Spacelist and its stakeholders will be donating matching funds up to $10,000 that we help raise each year.

Please consider donating to this amazing cause and help us continue making a difference!

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